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The Twelve Months of Christmas Thirteen-Book Series takes place in Noel, a small town that celebrates Christmas year-round.

Fall in love with the Campbell family as they discover love, faith, and joy in this lighthearted romantic series.


Searching to find a home where she belongs, Charlotte Monroe finds herself in the small town of Noel where Christmas is celebrated year round. Upon arrival, Charlotte embraces the hope that Noel inspires, as she believes the answers to her prayers of finding her parents might actually happen. After moving in and out of foster homes and ending up in an orphanage until she was old enough to leave, Charlotte longs for a place she can call home. Yet, discouragement and disappointment become her way of life as she realizes that even St. Nick is of no help to her. Worse than losing all faith, now Charlotte must deal with a new boss who is a complete Christmas fanatic. Charlotte can only hope that he quickly realizes, as she did, that life is always the same in Noel. Nothing ever changes, and the charm of the town eventually disappears.

Sawyer Jackson feels like a kid again as he makes the move to his new life of celebrating Christmas every day. His plan is to find a wife and start a family in the cheerful little town. He knows exactly what he is looking for in his lifetime companion, and after meeting Charlotte he can guarantee it's not her. Charlotte is irresponsible, the life of the party, unstable, and not wife material in the least. However, Sawyer feels sorry for her when he learns of her being an orphan. Sawyer sets out to help give Charlotte the one thing she has always wanted: a family.

Will Sawyer be able to put his search for a wife on hold to pursue Charlotte's desires of finding her parents? Can Sawyer look past Charlotte's rough edges and defensive exterior to find the real her? Will Sawyer be able to accomplish this task on his own, or will he need to enlist help from the one person who knows everything?


Annie Campbell had no desire to move from Texas to Noel, a town that celebrates Christmas year-round. If her entire family hadn’t moved, she would have stayed put. Now, she has found herself in a fake relationship trying to prove to Charlotte, her long-lost sister, that she is not the boss of her. The problem is she’s dating the town’s flirt. The guy has never had a serious relationship in his life, so how is she going to convince everyone he’s committed to her?

Preston Haze was attracted to the new girl in town but she wanted nothing to do with him until it worked in her favor. He wasn’t sure if she was as cold as she first seemed to be. However, as he got to know her, he realized her honesty about his weaknesses might prove to be true. Will she be the first woman to win his heart?

Enjoy the lighthearted banter in this sweet inspirational romance that will leave you with a smile on your face.



Willow Campbell was smitten with her boss. She knew it was silly because he never even looked her way. However, she couldn’t control her feelings. Well, that is, until she found out his secret. Now, it didn’t matter if her heart fluttered in his presence. He was off limits, and she had to come to terms with it.

Timothy Brown thought his life was exactly how he wanted it to be. His focus was on work and more work. That’s all he had time for. When out of the blue, he started noticing his employee. Because of his past, Timothy was hesitant to pursue Willow. When he finally threw caution to the wind, his past caught up with him.

Will Willow and Timothy be able to move forward with their relationship even when someone from Timothy’s past shows up? No longer can they ignore what happened. It’s time to face the truth regardless of the cost.




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