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The Yellow Cottage

A Novel 

Katalina’s dreams were coming true. At least, that’s what she told herself. She was returning to Marvin, the place her summers were spent with her family. Back to where memories were warm and sweet, back to a feeling of belonging, and this time, she would return with her wonderful fiancé, Brooks.

Finding the yellow cottage for sale meant it had to be God! That is, until, bit by bit, things began to unravel. Kat was certain she knew what her life entailed until she found an old journal in the attic. Suddenly, things didn’t look as simple as she had planned.

Kat discovered that before she could find the answers she needed, she first had to be true to herself. And those answers lay in the yellow cottage.

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This is my first read by author Amy Woodley. I usually tread lightly when
choosing a new author. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed every page.
I was going to leave it at that but each character deserves a little recognition.
Ian is the man every good women wants. Brook is the man no woman needs.
Kat is the girl you want to grab shake and hug all at the same time.


This is the 1st book I've read written by Amy Woodley; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story is about Katalina; all her dreams are coming true; she moving back to Marvin with her fiancé and finds out the yellow cottage is for sale. After she finds her old journal in the attic, everything changes.


I enjoyed this book and found myself thinking of it throughout the day and wanting to pick it back up. As with her other books, the author gives us vivid, realistic characters that are believable. While they have admirable traits, we also see their flaws and can identify with them as we watch them grow and change for the better. I enjoyed this one particularly because who doesn’t love the thought of buying their own, small cottage? We get to live the fun through Kat and be a part of her struggle to be honest, even as she is blinded to the truth. Once again, I find this author to be consistent in writing great books that I enjoy, books that are a clean, lighthearted escape and yet have deeper characters and themes to draw me in. I’m always on the lookout for the next one. :)