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Hitting the Jackpot

Agent Hughes is missing! We have searched everywhere! The whole agency has joined together in hopes of finding him.

When a new lead comes out of Las Vegas, Marcelo and I take a trip to investigate. We learn of a retired agent who also went missing the same time Agent Hughes did. Counterfeit money is circling Las Vegas and Dexter as well. Where is it coming from?

It's time to end this once and for all, but now my concern is will Marcelo and my relationship end before it really began or can it last through the stress of the circumstances? Will we be able to locate Hughes or will he end up a casualty as I fear Mrs Shoemaker was?

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These books are so much fun I can hardly put them down. They are the perfect escape into fun, light reading, yet with solid characters and interesting plots. I love how laugh-out-loud funny they are. This one was so much fun because it was on a cruise, giving it a different twist on the adventure. I also love how we’re inside Blake’s head, and she thinks just like we do, so she’s totally relatable. For example:

“It was like blowing the perfect, biggest bubble with chewing gum, then someone sticking their finger in the middle of it.”

“We had only been fake married for the last two hours and I was ready to throw him overboard. We hadn’t even left port yet.”

“And I needed to calm myself down before I passed out and made it simple for the snake to grab me.”

We want more!

Just Another Day in Paradise

Reviewer Brenda Cobb Murphy

The Wannabe Spy Series Reviews

It’s a windy wet day where I am and there’s nothing better on a day like today than to snuggle up under the blankets with a cozy crime book. This was the perfect example of a cozy crime. We got everything the genre could wish for: a fearless heroine who is more lucky than good; A couple of would be suitors who want to hug her and crush her in equal measure; a tantalizing mystery and a couple of likeable pets (crazy old neighbor to be determined). I blasted through this in an afternoon and have gone straight on to download the next one. This is Well written cozy crime with lots of potential for more high jinks as the series goes on.

In Over My Head

Reviewer Natalie Strong

Book two is a great continuation of the first book in the series. Another feel good experience created by the author. The story line catches your attention and motivates you to want to read the next chapter. I highly recommend reading this series and all of the author's books.

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

Reviewer Steve Dunlap


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About Amy Woodley

Amy Woodley has always loved feel-good, lighthearted books, so it was no surprise when she started writing them. Amy is surrounded by a big family with her husband, children, and grands. She lives way out in the country in the beautiful Ozarks of Southern Missouri. She enjoys her farm animals and quiet moments on the front porch with the Lord.