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Amy Woodley

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Hallie Gable was recently dumped at the altar, so when her aunt invites Hallie to come visit her to help run her B&B after falling and breaking her leg, Hallie jumps at the opportunity to leave the city. Hallie believed the small town was exactly what the doctor ordered to heal her broken heart. However, peace and quiet isn’t what’s in store for Hallie when she ends up in the middle of an investigation and the criminals go after her.

Cameron Whitlock had never involved a civilian in any of his undercover cases and he wouldn’t have this time given the choice. Now he was stuck working side-by-side, trying to solve a case with a woman who wasn’t an agent and was afraid of her own shadow. Cameron hoped he could solve the crime and do so quickly before the criminals succeeded with their mission or worse—he became even more attached to the lovely woman.

Two people have gone missing, creating many unanswered questions. Will Hallie’s fears stop her from helping Cameron? Will Cameron push aside his attraction for Hallie and keep his mind on his job? Or will the culprits get away with their crime?


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Searching to find a home where she belongs, Charlotte Monroe finds herself in the small town of Noel where Christmas is celebrated year round. Upon arrival, Charlotte embraces the hope that Noel inspires, as she believes the answers to her prayers of finding her parents might actually happen. After moving in and out of foster homes and ending up in an orphanage until she was old enough to leave, Charlotte longs for a place she can call home. Yet, discouragement and disappointment become her way of life as she realizes that even St. Nick is of no help to her. What's worse than losing all faith now, Charlotte must deal with a new boss who is a complete Christmas fanatic. Charlotte can only hope that he quickly realizes, as she did, that life is always the same in Noel. Nothing ever changes, and the charm of the town eventually disappears.

Sawyer Jackson feels like a kid again as he makes the move to his new life of celebrating Christmas every day. His plan is to find a wife and start a family in the cheerful little town. He knows exactly what he is looking for in his lifetime companion and after meeting Charlotte, he can guarantee it's not her. Charlotte is irresponsible, the life of the party, unstable and is not wife material in the least. However, Sawyer feels sorry for her when he learns of her being an orphan. Sawyer sets out to help give Charlotte the one thing she has always wanted - a family.

Will Sawyer be able to put his search for a wife on hold to pursue Charlotte's desires of finding her parents? Can Sawyer look past Charlotte's rough edges and defensive exterior to find the real her? Will Sawyer be able to accomplish this task on his own, or will he need to enlist help from the one person who knows everything?


About Amy Woodley

Amy Woodley has always loved feel-good, lighthearted books, so it was no surprise when she started writing them. Amy is surrounded by a big family with her husband, children, and grands. She lives way out in the country in the beautiful Ozarks of Southern Missouri. She enjoys her farm animals and quiet moments on the front porch with the Lord.